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Food Act

What do growers need to do?

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Annual Reports

NZGAP Activity Report 2019

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12 Dec 2019 - NZGAP's GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent standard has been successfully benchmarked to GLOBALG.A.P. v 5.2

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Social Practice

NZGAP has been working with key industry stakeholders to develop a New Zealand based social practice add-on, benchmarked to both New Zealand employment law, market requirements and internationally recognised social practice standards. 

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Joining the Dots| 26 May 2020 - Joining the Dots is a structured approach to progressing from problem recognition, to implemention, audited mitigations, and benchmarked sustainability reportingNew Zealand GAP is aware that we are at the beginning of a technology revolution, and is anticipating and planning for a phase of rapid change is this area.

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