These guidelines can assist growers to meet the requirements of NZGAP 

The guidance documents have been developed by a number of organisations and cover a range of topics relevant to NZGAP:


Further information is also available in the NZGAP scheme rules and growers may contact an NZGAP advisers for help in preparation for an audit:

Food Safety Guidelines

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Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety 2019         These guidelines are designed to assist growers, packers, transporters, wholesalers,
retailers and others involved in the fresh produce supply chain to identify and assess
potential food safety hazards
Fresh Produce
Safety Centre
Australia & New Zealand
Guidelines for Off-label use of Agrichemicals    

Decision Tree for Determining if an Agrichemical can be used Off-label

Checklist for ensuring Compliance on Off-label use

Poster on Off-label use

  Off-label use of agrichemicals is needed to manage pests, diseases and weeds in a number of minor fruit
and vegetable crops. This guide provides growers with practical information around off-label use of
agrichemicals to ensure growers meet regulatory requirements under the ACVM, HSNO, HSWA and Food Acts
Guidance on Acephate and Mathamidophos Insecticides on Vegetable Crops       


Acephate and Methamidophos (organophosphates) are insecticides that are not allowed to be used off-label on vegetable crops. This is a legal requirement and these restrictions have been in force from 2015. This poster is provided as a guide to vegetable growers to ensure legal use of these agrichemicals. Source: VR&I

Generic IPM Guideline for Vegetable Crops         While an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to pest and disease management is generally crop-specific,
the component and principles of an IPM programme are more generic. This guideline provides information on these generic aspects of IPM.
 Fact sheet on management of
animals with crop production
     Fact sheet

GMP template

 Fact sheet on food defence for the fresh produce industry      Link to website   .The guidance can help growers, packers, and processors determine a tailored approach to food defence.  The Fresh Produce Safety Centre Australia & New Zealand (FPSC) 

Other Food Safety Guidelines


Health and Safety Guidelines

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Keep Safe, Keep Growing: How to be healthy and safe in horticulture        Interactive Health and Safety Toolkit

This guide is about protecting the productivity of your farm and the lifestyle you enjoy. This guide will help you work out the best way for you to identify, manage and communicate health and safety risks to family and workers plus what part other people on farm should play in risk management.

HortNZ, Worksafe

Social Practice Guidelines

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Guidance to Assist the Development
of Seasonal Workers
      This guidance document has been prepared by Horticulture New Zealand to assist growers in developing seasonal workers accommodation (SWA). This document aims to summarise the most relevant legislation that needs to be considered when designing and building SWA, hopefully assisting growers to more effectively liaise with Council's and future proof the accommodation they provide.   HortNZ

Worksafe- Worker
Fact Sheet 

      This fact sheet provides guidance for persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs) who provide accommodation to
workers as part of the job. 

Environment Guidelines

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Erosion & Sediment Control Guidelines for Vegetable Production       The Guideline aims to provide information to growers on a range of possible control measures and options to assist in achieving sustainable land management.
Soil and Drainage Management Guide       Management of drainage water on a property will influence how much soil movement occurs during rain. These guidelines have been split into two parts: Paddock Drainage and Erosion and Sediment Control. Franklin Sustainability
Code of Practice for Nutrient Management       This Code of Practice is designed for growers to understand and implement good and best management practices for nutrient management, particularly nitrogen, and to assist where resource consent is required from Regional Council.
Nutrient Management for Vegetable crops in NZ       This book is intended to be a resource of best-practice advice to manage the nutrition of vegetable crops in New Zealand (NZ).  VR&I
Vegetable Washwater Discharge Code of Practice       This Code of Practice, checklist, decision tree, and reference values is a self-audit to assist growers in determining if any discharge of vegetable washwater meets Good Practice.
 N-Quick Test Guideline and Tool      N-Quick Test Tool
This is a step by step guide on how to use the Nitrate Quick Test Mass Balance Tool to inform an N fertiliser decision:

• How to use the mass balance equation.
• Taking the soil sample.
• Using the Nitrate Quick Test to estimate the mineral N levels in your soil.
• Crop nutrient demands.
• Using the Nitrate Quick Test Mass Balance Tool.

The Nitrate Quick Test Mass Balance Tool is an easy to use electronic tool available on the
industry websites.
Guideline for Greenhouse Nutrient Solution Discharge       The following checklist, decision tree, and reference values is a self-audit to assist you in determining if your greenhouse nutrient solution discharge meets Good Practice.  HortNZ
Vegetated Buffer Strips Code of Practice       This Code of Practice, checklist, decision tree, and action plan is a guide to assist growers in making decisions to installing and maintaining vegetated buffer strips.  AGRILINK NZ

NZGAP System

NZGAP Licence Agreement

NZGAP Advisers

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