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  1. NZGAP
  2. GLOBALG.A.P. (NZGAP options)

Add-on Modules:

  1. Environment Management System (EMS) add-on
  2. Social Practice add-on

NZGAP Certification:


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 Cost per year
(including Audit and Food Act)

NZGAP certification meets all local and most export certification needs and is available for growers and supply chain operations including:

  • Growers
  • Packhouses
  • Transport providers
  • Wholesalers
NZGAP also offers multi-site and Grower Group Certification options. Email for more information.
  • $1320 (Year 1)
  • $1260 (Year 2 or annual audits)
  • $780 (Year 3 onward, if not annual audits)
  • $170 per additional operation (annually)




GLOBALG.A.P. Certification:

All NZGAP GLOBALG.A.P. programmes enable growers to attain both NZGAP and GLOBALG.A.P. certification, plus Food Act Registration and Verification 

GLOBALG.A.P. Programmes


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 Cost per year
(Excluding Audit fees)
(Including Food Act)




  • Fully Benchmarked GLOBALG.A.P. scheme rules, and standards tailored for New Zealand growers. 
  • Achieve both NZGAP and GLOBALG.A.P. certification for all crops



Flexible certification option for multi-crop or multi-operation businesses.

Multiple outcomes with one registration and audit:

  1. NZGAP GLOBALG.A.P. Equivalent (for one or more crops)
  2. NZGAP for other crops and/or operations (e.g. transport)
  3. Food Act registration and verification
NZGAP Mutual
 Multiple outcomes with one registration and audit:
  1. GLOBALG.A.P. Option 1 certification (required before registering for mutual recognition)
  2. NZGAP certification (without need for additional audit)
  3. Food Act Registration and verification


Add-on Modules:


Add-on Module


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(including GST)

(EMS) add-on


  • The EMS add-on for growers seeking to use NZGAP
    to demonstrate compliance with regional council
    rules for an audited Farm Environment Plan

  • Available to NZGAP and GLOBALG.A.P. 
    certified businesses

Year 1 = $560
Year 2 = $460
Standalone surcharge = $650
(includes basic mapping)

Social Practice

  • Online self-assessment currently available. 
  • Audited add-on currently under development. 
  • Available to:
    • Growers
    • Packhouses
    • Transport provider
    • Wholesalers
    • Contractors
  • Available to NZGAP and GLOBALG.A.P.
    certified businesses
  • Annual fee = $260
  • Standalone surcharge = $650 
  • Free for GRASP, Sedex or
    SMETA certified businesses